GSP Training Center, in partnership with Romanian Maritime Training Centre (CERONAV), organizes the Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET). Working on an offshore rig implies specific training meaning competences to ensure that the daily operation and the response in case of emergencies are carried out in best professional and safety conditions. This training programme was especially designed to meet the minimum requirements on training and initial evaluation of the personnel without experience in the offshore oil industry.

COURSE CONTENT: During the BOSIET course the trainees will basically understand and become aware of safety and of the response in case of emergency on board offshore oil rigs.
In 3 days the delegates will cover the following courses:
– Safety Induction
– Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET)
– Sea Survival and First Aid
– Fire-Fighting and Self-Rescue

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course the trainees shall be able to identify the hazards specific to offshore gas and oil rigs, to explain the potential risks associated with these hazards and the control means to eliminate and reduce the risks, identify the main offshore regulation on safety and to provide to the trainees the basic concepts of the safety management, demonstrate in a simulated environment that they are able to use the safety equipment and to observe the procedures for the preparation for/and during emergencies in helicopter- especially in case of the evacuation from a helicopter having fallen into sea in a controlled manner, demonstrate the survival techniques in water and the methods to apply medical first aid and demonstrate that they can use the basic firefighting equipment and that they can practice the techniques for self-rescue in situations with limited visibility (e.g. areas shrouded in smoke).

CERTIFICATE: OPITO, valid for 4 years


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