COURSE CONTENT: GSP Training Center, in partnership with Romanian Maritime Training Centre (CERONAV), organizes the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. The aim of the HUET course, including EBS is to prepare the personnel who will travel by helicopter to and from the offshore drill rigs or their support and supply vessels. The training addresses the requirements before and during the helicopter flight and the knowledge and skills that must be acquired in order to be able to respond in case of an emergency, especially emphasizing the evacuation method from a helicopter underwater. All the trainees will be able to understand the actions in case of emergency that are incumbent to them in case of emergency occurrence on board the aircraft.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: All the trainees successfully graduating the course will be able to demonstrate in a simulated environment that they can use the safety equipment, that they can comply with the procedures for the preparation in case of an emergency and that they act properly in case of such emergency occurrence especially in case of the evacuation from a helicopter underwater.
This course is a 1-day module, part of Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)



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