COURSE CONTENT: The course covers a wide range of fields such as engineering, equipment, facilities, etc. You will learn the terminology that interests you and you will be able to communicate easily in various work situations.

LEVEL: elementary/ pre-intermediate/ intermediate

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the training participants will be able to speak / write / understand English according to the level of training and language chosen (general / specific).

CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Language Competence

No. of hours: 30

REQUIREMENTS: The course is intended for people with different technical responsibilities who want to improve their level of knowledge of technical words in English. At the beginning of each series students will be grouped by level of preparation, after preliminary testing.

METHODS OF TRAINING: The teaching methods used are interactive, dynamic, communicative and especially effective, causing student progress since the first meeting. The student is encouraged to be actively involved in lessons, to ask, to communicate. Individual exercises, in pairs or in group, simulating real situations, determine student involvement.

TARGET GROUP: These courses are recommended for all those who want to assimilate and to strengthen technical knowledge of English that enables them to successfully handle various situations at work.