COURSE CONTENT: English language course for foreigners is specially designed for those who want to learn Romanian. You will learn to communicate in different everyday situations and to write correctly in Romanian.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the training participants will be able to speak / write / understand Romanian according to the level of training and language chosen (general / specific).

CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Language Competence

No. of hours: 30

REQUIREMENTS: The course is intended for people of other nationalities than Romanian, who know English and are interested to learn properly, in all respects, Romanian.

METHODS OF TRAINING: Imagine Romanian language as an architectural structure with two overlapping components. The first consists of structure and the material of construction. The second one is the facade which offers to the Romanian language its unique profile. In linguistics structural strength means grammatical rules, phonetic principles, and lexical classes. Construction materials are, of course, the words of the basic vocabulary (approximately 2000). The facade itself is speaking Romanian language in a variety of everyday situations.

TARGET GROUP: These courses are recommended for all those who want to assimilate and deepen their knowledge of Romanian language enabling them to successfully handle various situations.