COURSE CONTENT: This course is designed for anyone going to attend a job interview in English. You will learn how to respond best to the most common interview questions and you’ll be able to get the job of your dreams.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Getting a better job and following a successful career depends very much on mastering English language. Besides an impeccable resume and solid knowledge of English you need a fluent and confident speech to make the best impression during a job interview. With us and with the help of the English course for interviews, the discussion with the employer will become very pleasant and the result will be as expected.

CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Language Competence

No. of hours: 30

REQUIREMENTS: The course points to all the questions and answers found in most job interviews; be it personal experience, strengths, skills or previous responsibilities, you’ll learn how to transpose any response in English and, most importantly, to do it in a natural manner!

METHODS OF TRAINING: In addition to textbooks and materials absolutely necessary for preparation, we offer grammar explanations also very easy to follow, common examples, key phrases, business terminology, and more. We will even offer advice on what is best to say during the interview and how to answer trap questions.

TARGET GROUP: These courses are recommended for all those who want to assimilate and deepen their knowledge of English enabling them to cope successfully in various situations.