COURSE CONTENT: Legal English course is addressed to attorneys, lawyers, consultants and managers who use English. We cover the legal domain specific terminology and in the end you will manage to master the language of any text or discussion.

LEVEL: elementary/ pre-intermediate/ intermediate


  • presentation of the profession, a lawyer’s resume;
  • presentation of various legal documents, basic and of a law firm;
  • presentation of a company formation and organization; documents required to form a company;
  • presentation of statuses and types of companies;
  • conclusion and negotiation of contracts;
  • understanding the terms of the contract;
  • initiation in law of property; contracts of sale and rentals;
  • introduction to intellectual property law;
  • understanding of civil and criminal trial;
  • improving the capacity to draft legal texts (correspondence, legal opinions, notes and comments, contracts, publications, commercial law, commercial law and other documents etc), international standards;
  • developing the understanding of legal language.

CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Language Competence

No. of hours: 30

REQUIREMENTS: The course is based on teaching of grammar, vocabulary and composition needed to practice law in an international context.

METHODS OF TRAINING: Both the course objectives and learning will determine the best teaching method so that together we obtain the desired results in a short time.

TARGET GROUP: Lawyers, legal advisers, consultants, translators, managers involved in the negotiation of contracts and international transactions.