COURSE CONTENT: General English language course and communication helps you manage any situation in real life. Whether it is a question on the street, in the plane, at dinner or even an interview, our courses will help you understand and make yourself understood.

LEVEL: elementary/ pre-intermediate/ intermediate

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Understanding a movie, a song, a question on the street, or an official at the airport, or finding a better job and having contact with people from other cultures will be facilitated by mastering a foreign language.

CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Language Competence

No. of hours: 30

REQUIREMENTS: The course will be conducted on a proper manual carefully chosen, and will include periodic tests to assess the progress, focusing on developing communication skills, listening and writing on topics of general English.

METHODS OF TRAINING: The teaching methods used are interactive, dynamic, communicative and especially effective, determining student progress since the first meeting. He is encouraged to be actively involved in lessons, to ask, to communicate. Thus, together we will learn to communicate in different contexts:

  • on the street
  • at various meetings
  • in a store
  • at the airport
  • on the phone
  • within correspondence, etc.

TARGET GROUP: These courses are recommended for all those who want to assimilate and deepen their knowledge of English, enabling them to cope successfully in various situations.