COURSE CONTENT: The course provides the knowledge and practical skills necessary to apply safe well control practices in surface installations. GSP Training provides a highly experienced and accredited instructor and utilizes an effective blend of classroom theory, individual exercises, group discussion and drilling simulator practice. The course includes the following modules:

  • Well Control Management;
  • Understanding Fluids and Pressure;
  • Primary Well Control;
  • Dynamic Wellbore Pressures;
  • Blowout Prevention (BOP) and Well Control Equipment;
  • Causes of Kicks: Gas Migration, Kick Warning Signs;
  • Diverting Shallow Gas Kicks;
  • Shut-in Pressure Observation & Shut-in Procedures;
  • Well Control Methods: Kill Methods and Kill Calculations;
  • Deviated (Horizontal) Well Control;
  • Handling On-bottom and Off-bottom Kicks;
  • Stripping Operations;
  • Handling Kicks while out of the Hole;
  • Handling Kicks in Special Situations;
  • Downhole and Equipment Problems during Well Control;
  • Simulator exercises.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Candidates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Well Control theory and learn how to apply this knowledge to most of the well control situations.

CERTIFICATE: GSP Training certificate, valid for 2 years.


TARGET GROUPS:  The course addresses anyone involved in drilling and/or well control operations (from floor men to drillers), the roles expected to shut-in a well, with detailed training on kick detection shutting in the well, monitoring once the well is shut-in and monitoring the well-kill operation. Practical exercises and evaluation are conducted on the full-scale DrillSIM 6000 drilling simulator.

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