COURSE CONTENT: The course provides the knowledge participants a better understanding of how stuck-pipe situations can develop and how they can be avoided or solved. In the 3-day course at GSP Training Center, participants can apply this knowledge and practice in real life “stuck-pipe” scenarios on the full-scale DrillSIM 6000 drilling simulator*. GSP Training provides a highly experienced and accredited instructor and utilizes an effective blend of classroom theory, individual exercises, group discussion and drilling simulator practice.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Candidates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of stuck pipe causes and warning signals of potential stuck pipe incidents or hole problems, signal received while drilling and their proper interpretation, evasive actions and preventive measures to be implemented, and the importance of teamwork, communication and accurate reporting in avoiding nonprofit time (NPT).

CERTIFICATE: GSP Training Certificate, valid for 2 years.


TARGET GROUPS: The course addresses Assistant Drillers and higher positions, supervisory positions onshore and offshore.

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