COURSE CONTENT: The “Operating Cyber Chair in X-COM system” course includes the EDS and TDS modules. The course covers EDS (electronic drilling system) safety and theory of controls operation. Candidates will have a complete understanding of alarm recognition, identification, and service and of the actions to be taken. System troubleshooting and maintenance are stressed throughout the course. The course focuses on the following areas: theory of operation of the Cyber Chair X-COM, system components, controls operations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

CERTIFICATE: GSP Training Center Certificate, valid 2 years.


REQUIREMENTS: Basic drilling operations and drilling equipment knowledge.

METHOD OF TRAINING: theoretical (group work) and practical (using the full-scale DrillSIM 6000 simulator).

TARGET GROUPS: Rig Superintendents, Supervisors, Drilling Engineers,  OIMs, Drillers and Assistant Drillers, Tool Pushers, personnel that needs to acquire knowledge regarding general maintenance and how set up or calibrate controls of TDS.

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