CONTINUTUL CURSULUI: This training course is designed to familiarize delegates with operational principles of the hydraulic and mechanical systems of TDS 8, 9&11 SA. The course emphasizes concepts used in rig-up, commissioning, testing, adjusting and troubleshooting NOV TDS 8, 9&11 SA top-drives. The course also includes information regarding the PH Systems commonly installed on these types of top drives: PH-50, PH-75, PH-100. The course addresses Rig Mechanics, PMS and Chief Mechanics.

OBIECTIVELE CURSULUI: Upon completion of the course, delegates will be able to successfully perform maintenance, tests, adjustments and troubleshooting on NOV AC top-drives.

CERTIFICARE: Certificat ARMOS EXIM si GSP Training

DURATA: 5 zile

GRUP TINTA:  The course addresses Rig Mechanics, PMS and Chief Mechanics.

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